'Lion of Rock' Lyric Mural

I made a small mural with a lot of detail based on a lyric from the song ‘Lion of Rock’ by Gungor.

Jaap Marinus asked me to make a wall painting of a lettering piece of mine at his house.

The lettering piece was from a few years ago, so I revised it a bit and asked if he was happy with it before painting it on his wall. He was delighted with the result, and so was I.


“It seemed wonderful to me to have a mural with an inspiring text instead of a painting. On Elwin's Instagram, I saw how good he is at this, and I approached him. He said he was happy to come and do this at my home and we had a very nice morning and lunch. Elwin is friendly, sociable, honest and precise. He has done a beautiful job. We still enjoy watching it every day!”

- Jaap Marinus